How You Must Prepare Your Food

Everyone’s talking about WHAT to eat.

But here’s a fundamental part everyone skips: HOW you prepare your food.

This is the only cooking method I used while healing from severe gut inflammation.

It’s so simple and it makes all the difference.


There are endless debates on the right gut-healing diet.

Let’s say you’ve finally figured out which foods are supposedly good for you.

Now picture this: You went out and bought the finest, organic produce from your local farmer’s market.

You come back home and drown them in oil and toss them on a Teflon pan. Or smoke them on a grill. Bad move.

You’re not healing; you’re harming.

It’s crucial, yet so overlooked.

Food transforms with each cooking method.

Raw, cooked, grilled, or fried – each has its own story.

Cooking alters food’s properties by breaking down its fibers, changing its texture, and enhancing flavor, making nutrients more accessible and sometimes creating new compounds.

This transformation is due to the application of heat, which modifies the chemical and physical structure of food components.

In Western cuisines, cooking techniques like roasting or grilling are culinary staples.

They bring bold flavors but often at the cost of higher fat content and heat that degrade nutrients.

Contrary to the West, steaming has deep roots in Asian cultures.

It reflects a culinary tradition that values the preservation of food’s natural essence and nutrients.

Asian diets are also associated with lower rates of certain lifestyle diseases.

I was suffering from severe gut inflammation (Inflammatory Bowel Disease) when I was 26 years old.

I healed myself naturally without any meds.

How did I prepare my food? I steamed.

It was the ultimate game-changer for my gut health.

Here is why:

  • Vitamins and Minerals Stay Locked In: Unlike boiling, steaming keeps those nutrients right where you want them – in your food. Ever noticed how vegetables lose their color when cooked or fried? That doesn’t happen with steaming.
  • Tastes Better: Your food stays vibrant and tastes just as nature intended. No need for extra sauces or seasonings that could harm your gut.
  • You Don’t Need Any Added Fats.
  • Very Gentle on Your Digestion.
  • Steaming Does Not Take Much Time. It goes really quickly.

All you need is a steam basket, a pot, and a little bit of water.

There are various types of steaming baskets out there, either made from bamboo or metal.

Do not use steamers made out of plastics.

Make sure to keep the food above water.

Keep a lid on so that the steam can build up the heat and pressure required to cook your food through.

Steaming is literally so simple and effective.

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